Viva Maia festes Shampoo - richtige Anwendung von festen Haarseifen

The correct use of hair soaps or solid shampoo

We will explain how to use our solid shampoo correctly and which washing technique is suitable for your hair. You will learn more about the correct use of solid shampoo or hair soap.

DeutschTepezcohuite der Hautbaum der Maya - Herkunft & Wirkung

Tepezcohuite the skin tree of the Maya - origin & effect

Where does Tepezcohuite come from? Tepezcohuite powder is obtained by finely grinding the bark of the growing tree. The Tepezcohuite tree grows in a limited area of ​​the state of Chiapas (Mexico)....

DeutschReinigungsroutine bei trockener Haut

Cleansing routine for dry skin

The right cleansing for dry skin? Dry skin wants gentle cleansing. Due to reduced sebum production, the skin is unstable and therefore often very sensitive. Proper cleansing provides the skin with...

DeutschDie 4 Augenbrauen Typen

The four eyebrow types

If you took our quiz and are now curious about what the other eyebrow types are, we have listed them here for you! If you haven't taken the test yet: Here are our 6 questions >> No matter...

DeutschWie lange muss mein Eyebrow Lamination einwirken?

How long does my eyebrow lamination have to stay on?

Thanks to its unique, gentle formula, the VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination is suitable for every type of eyebrow. The exposure times of the fixing and lifting lotion vary, depending on the structure of...


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DeutschWas ist Eyebrow Lamination genau?

What is eyebrow lamination exactly?

An eyebrow lamination, also known as a "brow lift", is a simple way of shaping the direction in which your eyebrows grow. The eyebrow hairs look fuller, well-groomed and "optically lifted" after la...