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Tepezcohuite, the skincare ingredient of the year
Tepezcohuite, a true skincare miracle from Mexico
M-Beauty relies on powerful active ingredients
The Mayan peeling is the herbal alternative to Botox
This should keep the skin young for a long time
Chicalote eliminates toxins and promotes blood circulation

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Viva Maia was in the founder show

The first Mexican natural cosmetics brand in Europe, on German TV

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What is Viva Maia?

Viva Maia is high-quality natural cosmetics based on the indigenous herbal medicine of Mexico. Natural, effective, without additives.

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Our products are:

→ 100% natural & sustainable
→ Climate neutral & social
→ Animal testing-free


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Made in Mexico 🇲🇽

We bring the natural healing of the Aztecs and Maya into your bathroom.

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Jícama - Was kann die Wunderknolle aus Mexiko

Jícama - What can the miracle root from Mexico do?

While looking for a plant that not only moisturizes but also gives the skin a radiant, vibrant complexion, I came across the Mexican root Jícama. (Verena, founder of Viva Maia) The fact that Jícama...

Achiote: Was kann der anti-oxidativer Wirkstoff?

Achiote: What can the antioxidant active ingredient do?

The application of achiote in the skin care Based on new evidence, using achiote in skincare like our Boosting Bar Achiote is a smart choice. The active ingredient contributes to: Protecting the ...

Was können Mexican Beauty Wirkstoffe?

What can Mexican Beauty active ingredients do?

Mexican natural ingredients and Mexican Beauty are an insider tip when it comes to skin care and health! The country is known for its extraordinary biodiversity, especially in terms of flora, as M...


What our customers say


Purer, balanced complexion

I had ordered the trio for combination skin and I am really positively surprised! I love my new cleansing routine, my skin is more balanced and less impure. Super easy to use & smells good.
Hence 5 out of 5.


First natural option that convinces me 100%

I've tried many natural or vegan options, but Viva Maia is special: the cleansing foam is super creamy and gentle on the skin. The bars also really last forever, so it's really a really great sustainable and very good option for the skin.


Effective, really good!

I ordered different bars because I wanted to test different active ingredients. The cleaning bars really convinced me. My highlight is the Detox Bar, it smells great and balances my skin, especially when I have small blemishes.


Fewer pimples and blackheads

I've been using the cleanser regularly in the evenings for a few weeks now and I'm really happy. My skin has become clearer and I love this creamy cleansing foam. What I also think is great is that the ingredients are 100% natural and I immediately understood what was in the products.


Great routine! Better understanding & skin feeling

I have been suffering from hormonal acne for several months. Then I came across Viva Maia's cyclic cleansing. The great thing is that you also learn how to track your cycle. I was a little hesitant at first as I've never used solid cleansers before and it's different, but my skin is much better. I love 🫶🏽


I can wholeheartedly recommend it

My skin is often dry and imbalanced. I don't like irritating, synthetic products. That's why I was all the happier when I discovered the cleaning trio from Viva Maia. My skin is less tight, dries out less and looks younger and fresher as a result. I can recommend it!


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Made in Mexico

Mexican natural cosmetics

We are a carbon neutral, social and Mexican company. Our recipes are based on the knowledge of the indigenous, Mexican cultures, such as the Aztec and Maya.