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Our mission

For centuries, the knowledge of the indigenous population was forgotten.

Viva Maia counteracts this development and sets an example: We support local agriculture, we preserve native plants and base our recipes on the natural knowledge of the indigenous population. Our goal, to finally make the forgotten and oppressed known in Europe.

We bring back the forgotten knowledge of nature

The history of Mexico is one of conquest and oppression. The colonization of Mexico by the great European powers led to the devaluation and oblivion of Mexican natural medicine. The great cultures of Mexico - the Maya and Aztec - had a deep understanding of their nature and their resources. We want to revive this knowledge.

Aztec and Mayan treasures

Despite oppression and repression, the Maya and Aztecs left behind an incredible knowledge of nature and its healing powers. The Aztec codices document their discoveries and knowledge of the uses of plants and herbs. These writings are considered important cultural artifacts, but were "lost" during colonization. The knowledge of these Mexican great cultures was also passed on after colonization.

Learn more about Mexican plant science.

Authentic & Social

Our factory is located in the state of Jalisco. We work closely with the local population. Our manufactory is under the direction of a mexican naturopathic doctor. Here we support young Mexicans who do not have good future prospects due to social inequalities. At Viva Maia, we are not only concerned with cosmetics, but also with a social mission that we are passionate about. Find out more at Authentic & Social.