Heritage meets innovation


At Viva Maia, our biggest value is to do the right thing.

We are not just a skincare company, we support what we believe in. For us, that is Mexican skincare!

Driven by this passion, we merge Mexican wisdom with modern science. We don't simply create effective skincare products; we also support local farming and safeguard native plants and knowledge.

We harness the wisdom of indigenous cultures to enhance our products, while also opening new horizons for all, them and us.

We ensure our products honour traditions and benefit your skin and their livelihoods.

Our goal is to showcase the potency of traditional Mexican plant medicine, supported by modern science, setting us apart in the European skincare market.

Rediscovering nature's forgotten secrets

Viva Maia is at the forefront of a movement to revive the rich, yet often overlooked, botanical knowledge of Mesoamerica. By harmonising the potent medicinal properties of Mexican plants with cutting-edge scientific research, our formulations are a testament to the power of combining traditional wisdom with modern innovation. Our journey is rooted in the exploration of Mexico's vast botanical diversity, aiming to harness its full potential in our natural cosmetics line.

Each product is a celebration of tradition, underpinned by rigorous scientific validation, ensuring that we deliver not just skincare, but a legacy of Mesoamerican heritage refined through the lens of contemporary science.

Unveiling Mesoamerican botanical wisdom

The Maya and Aztec civilisations, despite facing immense oppression and colonisation, transmitted an invaluable legacy of botanical knowledge and natural healing practices.

Our work at Viva Maia draws profound inspiration from these ancient cultures, particularly their extensive use of plants and herbs documented in the Aztec codices. These historical texts, significant yet nearly lost to the ravages of colonisation, offer a window into the rich tradition of natural medicine that thrived in pre-Columbian Mexico.

By integrating the documented discoveries and the orally transmitted wisdom of these great cultures, we aim to revive and honor their understanding of nature's healing power, ensuring their contributions to botanical science are recognised and valued in our formulations.

Empowering communities: beyond beauty

Viva Maia stands at the intersection of beauty and social responsibility. Nestled in the heart of Jalisco, our main production facility is more than just a place where cosmetics are made; it's a hub of opportunity and growth, directed under the watchful eye of a dedicated doctor. We are deeply committed to engaging with and uplifting the local community, especially targeting young Mexicans whose futures are dimmed by social inequality.

Our mission transcends the realm of skincare, embodying a broader commitment to social equity and empowerment. At Viva Maia, fair wages are just the beginning. We strive to open doors for those who have historically been denied opportunities, making a tangible difference in their lives. Join us in our journey at Authentic & Social, where beauty serves as a catalyst for change and upliftment.

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