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It's time for something new. From somewhere else.

At Viva Maia, our biggest value is to do the right thing.

We are not just a skincare company, we support what we believe in. For us, that is Mexican skincare!

Driven by this passion, we merge Mexican wisdom with modern science. We don't simply create effective skincare products; we also support local farming and safeguard native plants and knowledge.

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Artisanal craftsmanship meets technology

Viva Maia combines Mexican plant medicine and craftsmanship with latest science and insights about ingredients and their benefits for our skin. These processes are safeguarded as company secrets, constituting the primary catalyst for the unparalleled effectiveness of our products.

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Viva Maia's commitment to a greener future

At Viva Maia, sustainability isn't merely a policy; it's the core of our identity. All our products are 100% natural, derived from native sources, embodying our commitment to the environment.

We strive to minimise our ecological footprint across our entire supply chain, ensuring that our present actions contribute to a healthier planet tomorrow.

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From Mexico to Europe: a skincare adventure

In 2021, a unique fusion of cultures and passions gave birth to Viva Maia, founded by Herbert, hailing from Mexico, and Verena, from Germany. Their shared vision was to introduce the richness of Mexican botanical heritage to the European skincare scene, blending traditional remedies with modern science.

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The Viva Maia skincare experience

At Viva Maia, we are proud to offer a unique range of skincare products that are deeply rooted in the rich heritage of pre-Hispanic cultures, combined with the advancements of modern science and research.

Each product in our line is crafted using 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected to bring a distinctive Mexican touch right to your bathroom.

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