Jícama - Was kann die Wunderknolle aus Mexiko

Jícama - What can the miracle root from Mexico do?

While looking for a plant that not only moisturizes but also gives the skin a radiant, vibrant complexion, I came across the Mexican root Jícama. (Verena, founder of Viva Maia) The fact that Jícama...

Achiote: Was kann der anti-oxidativer Wirkstoff?

Achiote: What can the antioxidant active ingredient do?

The application of achiote in the skin care Based on new evidence, using achiote in skincare like our Boosting Bar Achiote is a smart choice. The active ingredient contributes to: Protecting the ...

Was können Mexican Beauty Wirkstoffe?

What can Mexican Beauty active ingredients do?

Mexican natural ingredients and Mexican Beauty are an insider tip when it comes to skin care and health! The country is known for its extraordinary biodiversity, especially in terms of flora, as M...

Mexican Skincare vs. Korean Skincare

Mexican Skincare vs. Korean Skincare

A comparison of Mexican skincare and Korean skincare: Mexican natural cosmetics is a hidden secret of nature that has not received as much attention as Korean cosmetics (aka K-Beauty). Wrongly so,...

Skin Cycling: Wie pflege ich meine Haut im Einklang mit dem weiblichen Zyklus?

Skin Cycling: How do I care for my skin in line with the female cycle?

We think it's great that you're interested in skincare that's in tune with your menstrual cycle, as it has many benefits for women: Better Skin Health: By aligning your skincare routine with yo...


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Was ist Tepezcohuite, wie wirkt es und worauf solltest du achten?

What is Tepezcohuite, how does it work and what should you watch out for?

Tepezcohuite is the natural beauty ingredient in 2023. After the German InStyle and even superstar Selma Hayek recommended the Mexican natural ingredient, Tepezcohuite is more in demand than ever. ...