Der Schlüssel zu makelloser Haut: Die richtige Verwendung von Ölreinigern

The key to flawless skin: Using oil cleansers properly

Avoid these mistakes and achieve flawless skin results Oil cleansers, like our Removing Balm - Mamey, Guayaba & Aguacate, are a great addition to your skin care routine and will help your ...

Produktneuheit - Clarifying Mask Tepezcohuite & Arcilla

New product - Clarifying Mask Tepezcohuite & Arcilla

Tepezcohuite: Nature's Secret Weapon One of the main ingredients of this mask is Tepezcohuite, a natural extract from the bark of the Mimosa Tenuiflora tree. This amazing remedy is known for its r...

5 Hautpflege-Vorsätze, die du jetzt machen solltest!

5 Skin Care-Resolutions to make for your skin now!

Now is the perfect time to take your skin care to the next level and give it the attention it deserves! With our five skin care resolutions, it's easy: 1. A simple routine: The most effective skin...

Die Hautbarriere: Das Geheimnis gesunder Haut

The skin barrier: The secret to healthy skin

A healthy skin barrier is crucial for the appearance of the skin. In this article you will learn what the skin barrier is, how you can recognize a healthy skin barrier and how you can get a healthy...

Jícama - Was kann die Wunderknolle aus Mexiko

Jícama - What can the miracle root from Mexico do?

While looking for a plant that not only moisturizes but also gives the skin a radiant, vibrant complexion, I came across the Mexican root Jícama. (Verena, founder of Viva Maia) The fact that Jícama...


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Achiote: Was kann der anti-oxidativer Wirkstoff?

Achiote: What can the antioxidant active ingredient do?

The application of achiote in the skin care Based on new evidence, using achiote in skincare like our Boosting Bar Achiote is a smart choice. The active ingredient contributes to: Protecting the ...