New product - Clarifying Mask Tepezcohuite & Arcilla

Produktneuheit - Clarifying Mask Tepezcohuite & Arcilla

Tepezcohuite: Nature's Secret Weapon

One of the main ingredients of this mask is Tepezcohuite, a natural extract from the bark of the Mimosa Tenuiflora tree. This amazing remedy is known for its regenerative properties. Tepezcohuite helps soothe and repair your skin, minimize fine lines and promote a radiant complexion.

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Arcilla: The power of clay and healing clays

Our mask contains different types of clay including white, black, green and red clay. Each of them has its own unique effect on the skin. White and black clay remove impurities and excess oil from your skin. Green clay helps remove toxins and detoxify your skin. Red clay improves blood circulation and firms the skin, resulting in a youthful and fresh appearance.

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Who needs the mask:

It clarifies, regenerates, detoxifies and cares for your skin in just one step. The result? A radiant complexion, fewer blemishes and skin that feels simply great. This mask can help skin types from normal to impure skin. Bonus - not only does it clarify, the Tepezcohuite it contains also has an anti-aging effect!

Why did we develop this mask?
Our Tepezcohuite & Arcilla Clarifying Mask is the perfect addition to your regular skin care routine. By using this mask twice a week, you can achieve many skin results:

  • Deep cleansing and removal of impurities: Studies show that high-quality healing clays help to deep cleanse pores and reduce impurities in the skin.
  • Inhibit inflammation: The ingredients in the mask are formulated to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is beneficial not only for impure but also stressed skin.
  • Anti-aging effects: Due to the highly concentrated Tepezcohuite, our mask reduces signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. For radiant, healthy skin.

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More strong allies

Our mask contains a range of other powerful ingredients to take your skincare to the next level. Avocado oil nourishes your skin without clogging pores, while olive oil keeps it supple and hydrated. Activated carbon binds toxins and impurities, while vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin from damage. Tea tree leaf oil has an antibacterial effect and lemongrass oil is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

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