5 Skin Care-Resolutions to make for your skin now!

5 Hautpflege-Vorsätze, die du jetzt machen solltest!

Now is the perfect time to take your skin care to the next level and give it the attention it deserves! With our five skin care resolutions, it's easy:

1. A simple routine:

The most effective skin care routine is often the simplest. We rely on an easy routine that covers everything you need. This means a gentle cleansing that removes dirt and makeup from your skin, followed by a moisturizing routine that strengthens your skin barrier, hydrates and regenerates the skin. Our products contain everything you need and nothing superfluous.

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2. Stick with it - Consistency is key:

Our skin loves continuity! It may be tempting to constantly try new products, but a consistent routine that works for your skin is worth its weight in gold. We have developed special trackers that make it easy for you to find and stick to your perfect active ingredient routine. This way you can ensure that you care for your skin regularly and keep it in top shape.

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3. Find active ingredients that suit your skin:

To find the products that best suit your skin type, we offer a skin type test. This way you can find out exactly which active ingredients and products your skin needs most.

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4. Skin cycling for visible effects:

Skin cycling is a method in which you adjust your active ingredients over the course of the week to benefit your skin. Our cleansing routines allow you to implement this method in a natural and effective way.

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5. Skin Layering for a strong skin barrier:

"Skin layering" is a method in which different skin care products are applied in layers to optimally care for the skin. We recommend using a pH neutralizing toner, regenerating serum and anti-oxidant moisturizer to strengthen the skin barrier. This is the best way to keep your skin plump and healthy.

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