Tepezcohuite the skin tree of the Maya - origin & effect

Tepezcohuite der Hautbaum der Maya - Herkunft & Wirkung

Where does Tepezcohuite come from?
Tepezcohuite powder is obtained by finely grinding the bark of the growing tree. The Tepezcohuite tree grows in a limited area of ​​the state of Chiapas (Mexico).
Tepezcohuite powder is a popular medicine in Mexico. The export is controlled by the health authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tradition of the Maya
Even the Mayans revered the magical effects of the Tepezcohuite tree, which had the ability to heal people and animals.
Two dramatic events in Mexico brought to light the therapeutic properties and effects of tepezcohuite.

Explosion and earthquake in Mexico bring to light effects of Tepezcohuite
An explosion in Mexico at the PEMEX gas plant, which killed over 500 people and horribly burned several hundred, and an earthquake in Mexico City that killed tens of thousands in the spring of 1985 brought the effects of Tepezcohuite to light again.

In both cases, the head of the Mexican Red Cross, Dr. Mario Doria at the Tlanelplana Hospital announced the use of Tepezcohuite powder to heal the sick and treat burned skin.

After a few weeks, the amazing results were recognized by numerous journalists, doctors or scientists from many countries; an analgesic, pain relieving effect in less than three hours and a complete reconstitution of the epidermis within 3-5 weeks. Repigmentation within 3 months. Over 6000 results were collected including 3000 for Tlanephana Hospital over a 3 year period. Tepezcohuite is currently being researched at the Department of Health, Ottawa.

Scientific knowledge about Tepezcohuite
It is generally accepted that Tepezcohuite bark acts as an analgesic and antibiotic with a strong antiseptic effect.
It is rich in lactones, flavonoids, saponins, numerous oligo-elements. Tepezcohuite has bacteriostatic and healing properties and skin regenerating properties. 

The rediscovery of this natural remedy in the treatment of severe burns has sparked the interest of both pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulation.

Tepezcohuite Scrub by Viva Maia

The Viva Maia Tepezcohuite Peeling is highly concentrated in Tepezcohuite and effectively helps with skin impurities and keratosis pilaris. Thanks to the skin-renewing effect, the skin becomes smoother and cleaner.

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