Cleansing routine for oily skin

Reinigungsroutine bei öliger Haut

Cleansing for oily skin?

Oily skin wants effective yet gentle cleansing. Due to a higher formation of sebum, the skin often appears shiny and impure. The positive, oily skin is more resilient than other skin types! Proper cleansing for oily skin moisturizes and balances in the morning and removes sebum and dirt from the pores in the evening without drying it out.

Characteristics of oily skin:
Oily skin needs less, rich yet gentle cleansing. The skin tends to produce more sebum and sweat, which makes it shiny and has large pores. The reflex, one cleanses too intensively, aggressively and deprives the skin of too much moisture. The skin often forms even more sebum as a result and more unwanted blackheads and pimples form.

How do you clean your skin?
What oily skin needs is pore-cleansing but balancing care. So that you can bring it back to a normal skin condition and regulate sebum production without depriving it of moisture.

Tip 1: Oil against oil
According to the Meso-American principle "likes are to be cured with likes", you use an oil-based cleansing care based on activated charcoal to cleanse the pores. This allows the sebum to drain off better and clogged pores are avoided.

Tip 2: Gently exfoliate your skin
Your cleanse should help you slough off dead skin cells and open pores before breakouts form. For example, use a skin-renewing Tepezcohuite peeling up to three times a week, which is also helpful for blemishes on the back.

Morning: Bugambilia
Antioxidant cleaning with Bugambilia. Your skin only needs a light cleansing in the morning. At night, our skin's biorhythm ensures that the cells regenerate and toxins are eliminated. Oily skin in particular also excretes sebum. The aim of the morning cleansing is to remove this and prepare the skin for the day.

Evening: Nopal Negro
An oil-based activated charcoal cleanse removes excess sebum from the T-zone without stressing dry areas of skin.

➕ Extra: Detox with agave, spirulina & chicalote
Natural chicalote and spirulina extract have a positive effect on cell regeneration. Chicalote stimulates the blood circulation and has a detoxifying effect on the skin, for example it also increases the absorption of nutrients. Agave extract has a moisturizing effect without weighing it down.

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