The four eyebrow types

Die 4 Augenbrauen Typen
If you took our quiz and are now curious about what the other eyebrow types are, we have listed them here for you!
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No matter what eyebrow type you are, we are very happy that you are part of our community!

The Eyebrow Queen

Eyebrow Queen Eyebrow Lamination
Your eyebrows are a statement in themselves! They represent your individual beauty and define who you are. Only 13% of the respondents belong to your group, so you are a rarity and there is a lot of potential in your eyebrows. You just have to know how to get the best out of them! Read more about your options. Here >>

Natural Eyebrow Beauty

Natural Eyebrow Beauty Eyebrow Lamination
Congratulations! You have naturally beautiful eyebrows. Only about 10% of those surveyed belong to Natural Eyebrow Beauty. Your eyebrows can do a lot without styling. Yes, you don't want to always look "the same"? Let's start with your eyebrow transformation! You can wear a look every day, or go natural if you like. Read more about your options. Here >>

WOW eyebrow lady

Wow Eyebrow Lady Eyebrow Lifting and Lamination

You're just bursting with energy and it shows in your hair too! Your eyebrows determine your look. That makes you particularly unique. But sometimes you wish you had a little more control over your hair. We can understand that 100% and will show you how easy it is! Read more about your options. Here >>

Classy Eyebrow Girl

Classy Eyebrows Does Eyebrow Lamination works for me?

Stylish and timeless, that's how you can describe your eyebrows! Interestingly, your eyebrow type is most common in Europe. Almost 50% of our respondents belong to it. Your eyebrows are characterized by their fine structure. Thanks to the right styling, you can make them more voluminous and expressive. Read more about your eyebrow options. Here >>

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