What is eyebrow lamination exactly?

Was ist Eyebrow Lamination genau?

An eyebrow lamination, also known as a "brow lift", is a simple way of shaping the direction in which your eyebrows grow. The eyebrow hairs look fuller, well-groomed and "optically lifted" after lamination.
Thanks to an eyebrow lamination, many styles are possible with the eyebrows.

Thanks to Eyebrow Lamination you can:

  • Easily brush your eyebrows into the "Fluffy Eyebrow" look
  • Correct and conceal gaps or missing hairs
  • Have perfectly formed & styled eyebrows every day
  • Smooth bushy, tangled eyebrows and make them look more groomed

Why VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination?

The VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination is the first kit to be certified for home use. The treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how quickly the eyebrow hairs grow back.
Thanks to the 100% natural Eyebrow Bar and Nourishing Lotion included in the kit, the eyebrows can be cared for on a daily basis.

How often can I do an eyebrow lamination?

If used properly, an eyebrow lamination can be repeated after 14 days. If the effect is not strong enough the first time, it will be back after 7 days.

The set lasts at least 1 year and contains no harmful chemicals or plastic. You can read more about our social commitment here.

Why is this all called "lamination"?

The eyebrows are brought into a flat position and sealed there thanks to the fixing lotion. Finally, a care lotion, the "VIVA MAIA Nourishing Lotion", is applied to the eyebrows so that they are cared for after use and shine more (e.g. like a varnish, only on the eyebrows).
The Nourishing Lotion can also be applied daily as needed.

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