Formulations based on Mexican naturopathy

Our ingredients

Natural and effective

Our ingredients are natural and Mexican. Our formulations are free of synthetic additives, particularly pure and effective. Based on indigenous Mexican naturopathy.

Mexican herbal medicine

Mexican nature and herbal medicine has a long history and tradition: the Aztecs and Maya had a deep understanding of nature and its healing powers. They developed a comprehensive herbal medicine that provided for the use of native plants and herbs for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Learn more about Mexican herbal medicine in our magazine.

The power of cacti

Cacti play a special role in Mexican herbal medicine. There are many cactus species used by traditional medicine. Our cleansing bars are based on agave extract. Agave is a versatile plant, it is particularly sustainable, grows in dry areas and has the ability to provide lasting moisture to our skin. With our formulations, we make sure that all our plants are grown organically and in a climate-friendly manner.

Learn more about our ingredients

The Aztecs and Maya used a variety of medicinal plants to cure ailments and nourish their skin. We use this herbal medicine to create our natural formulations. Learn more about this in our encyclopedia of Mexican natural remedies.