We pack and deliver climate-neutral

Our ecological footprint

Good for you and the environment

We pay attention to a small ecological footprint in our entire value chain by using natural, resource-saving options.

Recycled natural packaging

We only use recycled packaging materials for our products. Our shipping boxes are also sustainable. Do you miss bright colors? Our Viva Maia boxes are printed with natural black ink and are therefore particularly ecological.

Our added value

Our manufacturing in Mexico is climate neutral. Our ingredients, such as agave, nopal and chicalote, grow without additional irrigation and, in contrast to many European plants, are particularly resource-friendly because they do not require additional irrigation. The cultivation of our ingredients supports the preservation of Mexican soil and agriculture, especially in very dry areas.

Climate-neutral shipping & compensation

The rectangular, flat shape of our cleaning bars and glass bottles reduces the carbon footprint by optimizing transport volume. Furthermore, we offset the transport of our products to Europe with our climate partners, who are certified in Europe.