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Mexican Summer Must-Haves

Routine tailored for sunny months: Boosting antioxidant morning cleanse and nourishing, slightly exfoliating evening cleanse. Exfoliating bar 2-3x weekly. Follow with toner, serum for refined, rejuvenated skin, allowing your skin to recover from the sun.

Routine steps covered

The Mexican Summer Must-Haves covers the following steps of the M-Beauty skincare routine:

Routine steps in detail

Cleansing tracker

When to use each bar

This tracker allows you to monitor the usage schedule for each bar in your routine, tailored specifically to your skin type.

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The Viva Maia skincare experience

Our formulations are crafted from 100% natural ingredients, selected for their effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. With Mexico's rich biodiversity, we tap into potent and sustainable ingredients.

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