Natural, effective skin care that balances your skin! Our cleansing routines contain solid facial soaps that are perfectly tailored to your skin type and your situation. All Viva Maia products contain unique, highly effective ingredients and bring your skin into balance. From aloe vera, chicalote to tepezcohuite.

Our cleaning sets are ideal for everyday cleansing!


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Mexican Skincare BestsellerMexican Skincare Bestseller
Mexican Skincare Bestseller Sale price$95.00 Regular price$154.00
Cleansing trio for blemished skinCleansing trio for blemished skin
Skin Refining Duo - TepezcohuiteSkin Refining Duo - Tepezcohuite
Mexican Summer Must-HavesMexican Summer Must-Haves
Mexican Summer Must-Haves Sale price$118.00
Cleansing trio for combination skinCleansing trio for combination skin
Cleansing trio for dry skinCleansing trio for dry skin
M-Beauty must-haves for blemished skinM-Beauty must-haves for blemished skin
M-Beauty Must-Haves for combination skinM-Beauty Must-Haves for combination skin
Cleansing trio for oily skinCleansing trio for oily skin
Cyclic skin cleansingCyclic skin cleansing
Cyclic skin cleansing Sale price$83.00
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Limited Edition: El Grito SetLimited Edition: El Grito Set
Limited Edition: El Grito Set Sale price$106.00 Regular price$159.00
Essentials for blemished skinEssentials for blemished skin
Cleansing trio for normal skinCleansing trio for normal skin
M-Beauty must-haves for dry skinM-Beauty must-haves for dry skin
Essentials for combination skinEssentials for combination skin
Mexican Beauty SecretsMexican Beauty Secrets
Mexican Beauty Secrets Sale price$106.00
Essentials for dry skinEssentials for dry skin
Essentials for dry skin Sale price$77.00
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Tepezcohuite Intense CureTepezcohuite Intense Cure
Tepezcohuite Intense Cure Sale price$118.00 Regular price$171.00
M-Beauty must-haves for oily skinM-Beauty must-haves for oily skin
M-Beauty must-haves for normal skinM-Beauty must-haves for normal skin
Cleansing for pregnant womenCleansing for pregnant women
Essentials for oily skinEssentials for oily skin
Essentials for oily skin Sale price$77.00
Essentials for normal skinEssentials for normal skin