Cleansing routine for combination skin

Reinigungsroutine bei Mischhaut


Combination skin is one of the most common skin types in Europe and it needs more attention than others. The causes of combination skin are varied and are often related to your genes, hormones and lifestyle. The older you get, the more your skin tends to be dry, especially on your cheeks.

how do you clean your skin
With proper cleansing, your skin can return to normal skin. It is important that you recognize the mixed state exactly and find the right cleaning for it. Our 2 tips will help you:

Tip 1: Cleanse your skin mildly
Use mild cleansing as your skin has not only oily but also dry areas. Thanks to the right combination of active and caring ingredients, you can, for example, use an activated charcoal cleanse like our Nopal Negro in the evening to remove excess sebum from the T-zone without stressing the skin.

Tip 2: Never clean hot
Hot water ensures that dry skin areas dry out even more and oily skin areas that tend to blackheads produce more sebum. If you clean with lukewarm water, this cannot happen.

Cleansing trio for combination skin

Evening: Nopal Negro
Pore-deep cleansing with our Dry Cleansing Nopal Negro.
Activated charcoal ensures pore-deep cleansing, the cactus oil formulation ensures that make-up and dirt are gently removed.

Morning: Bugambilia
In the morning, your skin only needs a light cleansing. Overnight, your skin's natural rhythm ensures that the cells regenerate and toxins are eliminated. The aim of the morning cleaning is to remove them. Thanks to the Bugambilia cleaning, your skin is supplied with antioxidants without cleaning too aggressively.

Extra: Cempasúchil
Mexican cempasúchil extract has a wound-healing and antiseptic effect. Cleansing reduces inflammation and protects the skin. This cleansing step should be used as a gentle scrub with the bar or as a regenerative cleanse.

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