Eyebrow Lamination & Lifting made easy from home!

Eyebrow Lifting und Lamination von zu Hause

Thanks to our unique VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination formula, you can now lift your eyebrows at home. Quite simply and without harmful chemicals!

Eyebrow lamination at home explained in 4 steps:

1. Preparation
First the eyebrows need to be cleaned. Then they will be fixed in the desired shape with a eyebrow spoolie.

2. Lifting

In this step, the lifting lotion is applied to the fixed eyebrows. The lotion breaks up the hair structure and ensures that the hairs take on the new shape.

3. Fixing

As in step 2, after removing the lifting lotion, another lotion, the fixing lotion, is applied to the eyebrows. This closes the hair structure in the new shape and ensures that the eyebrow hairs always look perfectly styled and well-groomed from now on.

4. Nourishing
In the last step, the eyebrow hairs and the skin underneath are cared for, now the Lamination Glow is created.

Note: We do not recommend cleaning the eyebrows too much after eyebrow lamination.
From the following day, the eyebrows can be styled daily with the Eyebrow Soap and cared for in the evening with the Nourishing Lotion.

Extra tip: Clean your eyebrows with the massage brush in the evening, this routine keeps your eyebrows healthy and strong!


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