Application & effect of Tepezcohuite

Anwendung & Wirkung von Tepezcohuite

In this article you will read:

  • How to use & store Tepezcohuite soap properly
  • Which natural substances Tepezcohuite contains
  • Why Selma Hayek swears by Tepezcohuite
    In general, tepezcohuite is used to regenerate and heal the skin.
    It is all the more important that you use the Tepezcohuite Bar correctly in order to fully develop its effectiveness:
    Application of Tepezcohuite Bar:
    The VIVA MAIA Tepezcohuite Bar is not intended for daily use, but is a natural peeling treatment that should be carried out one to three times a week while showering.

    Heavy Exfoliation:
    For a relatively strong peeling effect, run the soap directly over the body skin and over the affected, irritated areas.

    Gentle peeling:
    For a gentle peeling effect, lather the bar of soap in your hands and transfer the foam to your skin with your hands. This is enough to gently regenerate the skin and massage the active ingredients into the skin.
    After a milky, soft film has formed on the skin, the Tepezcohuite is rinsed off again. After the treatment, the skin can be cared for with a pH-neutral body lotion.
    This treatment can be done one to three times a week .

    The peeling ensures that the dead, upper layer of skin disappears, the active ingredients of the Tepezcohuite soap can penetrate the skin and the skin is renewed
    1. After using the Tepezcohuite Bar, place it on a dry absorbent surface such as a kitchen towel or towel.
    2. As soon as the Tepezcohuite Bar has dried, you can store it in our VIVA MAIA soap bag. This ensures that the Tepezcohuite Bar lasts a particularly long time.

    Natural substances that have it all!
    The VIVA MAIA Tepezcohuite Soap is a natural beauty wonder weapon. The soap bar contains

    • Flavonoids, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural substances that prevent skin aging.
    • Tannins, that also ensure that the skin is soothed
    • Lipids, that support the skin's natural protective layer and maintain the skin barrier.

    Selma Hayek's beauty secret is Tepezcohuite

    Selma Hayek swears by Tepezcohuite
    In an interview with Elle magazine, actress Selma Hayek revealed that her beauty secret weapon is a Mexican plant called 'Tepezcohuite':
    “It is used in Mexico, for example, to heal burn victims, because Tepezcohuite completely regenerates the skin. (...) It always amazes me that nobody uses this natural ingredient in the US. Tepezcohuite is the reason I don't have botox, peels and fillers."
    (Elle Magazine, USA, 2015; Copyright: DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS / GETTY IMAGES)

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