Flor de Maiz - underestimated skin food

Flor de Maiz - unterschätztes Skinfood

Corn can help treat pimples as well as slow down skin aging. It is therefore worth incorporating the Mexican superfood into your skin care routine!

Active ingredients:
Corn is rich in important nutrients and contains a lot of vitamin E , which nourishes the skin and protects against free radicals.

Vegetable vitamin E has a much higher bioavailability and can be absorbed and utilized by the skin much better than synthetically produced vitamin E.
In addition, corn has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and can therefore help in the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as pimples as well as inflammatory processes that accelerate skin aging.

Corn is not just corn!
In Mexico there are different types of corn that are largely unknown in Europe and have various advantages for skin care:

1. Mais de Diez: This type of corn has a medium-sized grain and a high concentration of starch, as well as beneficial ingredients suitable for skin care, such as polysaccharides, which have moisturizing properties for the skin.

2. Mais de Juego: This variety of corn is mainly used as an ornamental plant and has variegated grains of different colors. Toy corn can be used in skin care as a natural dye and contains carotenoids that protect the skin from the negative effects of the sun.

3. Mais de Pozol: This type of corn has a very large grain and has a natural peeling effect, can protect the skin from impurities and inhibit inflammation.

4. Mais de Choclo: This type of corn contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C, which protect the skin from free radicals and can thus prevent premature skin aging. Mais de choclo also contains minerals like zinc and copper, which can help cleanse and condition the skin.

Our Flor de Maiz cleansing contains different types of corn, moisturizing agave extract and grapefruit extract, which regulates the skin's sebum production. Due to the nourishing properties of this cleansing, it is very suitable for dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.



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