Cempasúchil - fountain of youth for the skin

Cempasúchil - Jungbrunnen für die Haut

Cempasúchil is a Mexican flower used in ceremonies as a symbol of the connection between life and death. And not without reason, it has rejuvenating properties on humans!

Active ingredients:
Cempasúchil is rich in active ingredients such as flavonoids, carotenoids and polysaccharides. These help to reduce inflammation in the skin, protect skin from harmful UV radiation and thus prevent premature skin aging.

In addition, it is the polysaccharides in cempasúchil that have particularly moisturizing properties and help to maintain moisture in the skin and its regeneration processes.

A flower with a great Mexican tradition

In Mexico, Cempasúchil is mainly seen during the "Día de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead". This day occurs on November 2nd and is an important holiday in Mexico! We have dedicated a separate article to this day, you can read more about it here .

Why can Cempasúchil cleansing prevent skin aging processes?
In contrast to synthetic cosmetics, high-quality natural cosmetics contain plant based oils and extracts that help the skin to regenerate and moisturise it. The dermal bioavailability of natural products plays a major role here, because the vitamins and antioxidants can be better absorbed by the skin in natural products be absorbed than with synthetic products. Cempasúchil in particular is particularly kind to the skin and rich in vitamins, making it a real insider tip when it comes to natural skin care.

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