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Press & Founding Team

Founded in 2021, Viva Maia's vision was conceived from the outset: the idea to blend Mexican plant medicine with the latest skincare science to craft potent yet sustainable skincare formulations.

And this vision wasn't only about creating products; it was about unlocking the doors to a vibrant Mexican heritage that had long been overlooked. It was about giving back to Mexican communities, farmers, families, etc., by opening new opportunities in new markets.

The roots of Viva Maia

To understand the roots of our company, it's essential to delve into the founders biographies:

Herbert, born and raised in Mexico, was introduced to an array of unique plants and traditional remedies from a young age. He only moved to Germany at the age of 24 and was surprised that none of these treasures had found their way there.

Verena, born in Germany, first visited Mexico after completing high school and instantly fell in love with the country's beauty and natural resources. Later, she became a beauty expert, sharing her knowledge and passion through her social media channels.

A first visit to Mexico

During their first Mexico trip together, the idea for Viva Maia was born. Together, as the founding couple, they are the driving force behind Viva Maia, collaborating with a dedicated team of doctors, scientists, and skincare experts in both Mexico and Germany to develop formulations that are effective and based on Mexican super-plants.

Connect with our story

For members of the press, journalists, bloggers, and media professionals looking to delve deeper into the story of Viva Maia, our founders, and our unique approach to skincare, we provide comprehensive resources and are available for further information, interviews, and collaborations.

For access to our press kit or to connect with us for any public-relations-related matters, please don't hesitate to contact us at Together, let's spread the word about the beauty and depth of Mexican skincare traditions brought to life through Viva Maia.

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