What is Eyebrow Lamination?

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

The eyebrow lamination, also called eyebrow lift, is an easy way to shape the direction of your eyebrows. The result, your eyebrows look fuller, more well-groomed and “optically lifted”. 

Thanks to the eyebrow lamination, many styles are possible with the eyebrows. For example:

  • They can be styled as "feathered or fluffy eyebrows".
  • Sleek and perfectly styled in shape.
  • You can easily reposition hairs and touch up thin looks or gaps.

The process can also straighten curly or kinky eyebrow hair so that it no longer needs to be trimmed!

Why is this all called "lamination"?

The eyebrows are brought to a flat position and sealed there. Finally, a care lotion is applied to the eyebrows so that they look shiny, i.e. laminated, e.g. lacquer finish just on the eyebrows.

Why VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination?

The VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination is the first set that is certified for at home use. The Eyebrow Lift lasts up to 6 weeks. Thanks to the 100% natural Eyebrow Bar and Nourishing Lotion, the eyebrows are naturally cared for.

The set lasts at least 1 year and does not contain harmful chemicals or plastic.


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