How Your Eyebrow Lamination Lasts Longer

How does my eyebrow lamination last longer
You can’t get enough of that fresh VIVA MAIA eyebrow feeling? We have some tips for you, how you can make your VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination feeling last longer:
Tip Nr. 1

Can I brush my eyebrows after the lamination?

For keeping your laminated eyebrows looking their best until your next VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination we recommend to avoid brushing or washing your eyebrows for the first 24 hours.

After this time you can absolutely brush them. In fact, it’s encouraged! You can use the VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Spoolies which are in your VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination Kit. 

Tip Nr. 2

How to style my eyebrows after the lamination?

Use one of our VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Bamboo Spoolies and just quickly brush through with your eyebrows in the morning to keep your brows in your desired position.

Tip Nr. 3

Can I wash my laminated eyebrows?

In the first 24 hours after your eyebrow lamination you should avoid bringing your eyebrows in contact with water.
What happens if you do get your eyebrows wet? Getting your eyebrows wet directly after your VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination can impact the lamination process, meaning you don’t get as great results as you expected or the Eyebrow Lamination does not last that long. It’s only for 24 hours, so do try your best.

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Tip Nr. 4

What products should I use after a lamination?

The VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination, with its Lifting and Fixing Lotion on Aloe Vera basis, are the most gentle Eyebrow Lamination process that exists! But still it is a chemical process, where the structure of your hair gets changed.

Therefore we developed the VIVA MAIA Nourishing Serum to care and protect your eyebrow hairs after your Eyebrow Lamination. Just as you would do with your hair after hair coloring.


Tip Nr. 5

Eyebrow Nourishing Serum

The VIVA MAIA Nourishing Serum will not only strengthen and nourish the hairs naturally, but also prolong the wear of your eyebrow tint or lamination. It is part of the VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination Kit and we also offer it as an additional product.

To help maintain that freshly laminated look until your next VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination, we include the Eyebrow Bar within our Eyebrow Lamination Kit. With the Eyebrow Bar you can style your eyebrows on a daily basis, to get the perfectly natural soap brow look. 


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