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Our tamarind sunscreen was developed out of a pressing need!

Maximum skin protection without compromise

✓ No white cast on the skin
✓ Free from chemical UV filters
✓ Antioxidant protection
✓ Perfect for sensitive & blemished skin
✓ Non-comedogenic
✓ Natural and fragrance-free

No White Cast

Super light texture

This ultra-light sunscreen offers broad UV protection with SPF 40+. Its unique mineral formula leaves no white residue, providing strong protection every day.


Your most common sunscreen questions and concerns answered and resolved.

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SPF 40+


Light fluid for the best protection every day

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Our sunscreen is the product our community requested the most.

So we developed it just for you!

SPF with no Compromises

Our sunscreen is revolutionary in its ingredients and formulation. It is 100% natural, based on a light zinc oxide filter. It contains high-quality moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients. The formulation is characterized by its super light and easy-to-apply texture. Plus, instead of 40ml, we offer a generous 75ml size so you won't have to skimp on SPF.

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