Unique & effective

"Our Mexican natural cosmetics are formulated to be highly effective and unique on the European market."

- Verena B. Founder

Highly effective & natural

Our bestsellers

Highly effective & natural

our bestsellers

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Effective natural resources

Mexico's climate zones create optimal conditions for a large number of plant species. These have extraordinary properties: climate-friendly and highly effective, they are the perfect basis for our formulations.

Unique & effective

Mexican plant species have evolved special mechanisms to survive in adverse conditions. They store moisture and preserve valuable ingredients for our skin.

Natural & pure

Without industrial agriculture or genetic modification, our plants grow in their natural habitat: their purity and potency are preserved.

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Effectively formulated

Handmade in Mexico

We manufacture our cosmetics in Mexico. Based on indigenous natural knowledge and the latest medical research. From the harvest to the final product: Our formulations are subject to the highest standards, are natural, pure and therefore highly effective.

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Conserve resources

Climate friendly

Most of our plants do not need artificial irrigation. We rely on resource-saving ingredients and produce in a climate-neutral manner. Our packaging system is 100% recycled and our transport routes are CO2 neutral.