Routine for a balanced complexion

Cleansing for combination skin

Did you know?

Combination skin is a combination of oily and dry skin. The oily areas are usually found in the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose and chin), while the cheeks and around the eyes are often dry. The aim is to balance these skin needs.

Balance your skin

In order to clean combination skin effectively and gently, you should use natural, plant based fatty acids. They are similar to human sebum and thus balance sebum production. With combination skin, it is important to balance the skin in order to achieve a normal skin type.

Three basic needs

  1. Prevent blackheads and pimples in the evening:T-zone blemishes are caused by excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Our Nopal Negro cleansing gently cleanses, loosens dead skin cells and reduces inflammation. Suitable for evening cleansing.
  2. Clean and protect in the morning: Antioxidant cleansing aims to protect and soothe the skin thanks to natural antioxidants. Ours is suitable for morning cleansing Bugambilia cleansing.
  3. inflammation inhibit: Combination skin is regularly prone to inflammation. The pores of the oily T-zone can become clogged, dry cheeks can be irritated and sensitive to environmental factors. That's why ours is suitable Cempasúchil cleansing, as a supplement to Nopal Negro, it reduces inflammation and regenerates the skin.

Combination skin is not always the same

The needs of combination skin are not always the same. Stress, diet and hormones affect our skin and can affect your skin type. It is therefore important to observe the needs of your skin and to react accordingly with your cleansing and skin care. Use the cleansing bars in such a way that they achieve the best possible result for your skin. If you want to know more, subscribe to our newsletter.