You are an eyebrow queen

Eyebrow Lamination Kit - VIVA FRIDA Eyebrow Lifting suits me. Benefits and Application

Your eyebrows are a statement and a rarity: only 13% of respondents belong to your group. Your eyebrows tend to be bushy and thick. Unfortunately, they are sometimes a bit stubborn. But if you care for and style them properly, they can determine and complete your look:

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The advantages of an eyebrow lamination are obvious to you: Your eyebrows are in shape and look more well-groomed. Your eyes appear awake and lifted! You can easily style them without any additional styling product.
This is how an eyebrow lamination result can look like on you:
Eyebrow lamination results in bushy eyebrows

Your options:
After your eyebrow lamination, everything is now possible, whether it's "Fluffy Eyebrows", "Sleek Look" or completely natural! From now on you can style your eyebrows however you like.

Why are your eyebrows so important?
You know how important a good haircut is. It's the same with your eyebrows. Looking younger or more awake is no longer a problem thanks to the right eyebrows. Learn more about:

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