You are a Natural Eyebrow Beauty

Eyebrow Lamination by VIVA FRIDA - for normal eyebrows

Congratulations! You have naturally beautiful eyebrows. Only about 15% of the respondents belong to your group. Even without styling your eyebrows look beautiful.
However, if you want more than just “beautiful”, then here are a number of recommendations for you:

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Thanks to an eyebrow lamination, your eyebrows become more voluminous and easier to style. You have full flexibility: You can make a statement with your eyebrows or wear them naturally without having to use any other products.

Your eyebrow lamination result can look like this:

Eyebrow Lamination for normal, smooth eyebrows

You don't dare to try eyebrow lamination yet?
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Why are your eyebrows so important?
You know how important a good haircut is. It's the same with your eyebrows. Looking younger or more awake is no longer a problem thanks to the right eyebrow shape. Learn more about:

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