You are a classy eyebrow girl

Eyebrow Lamination Kit - Does eyebrow lifting suit me. Benefits of Eyebrow Lifting

Stylish and timeless, that's how you can describe your eyebrows. Interestingly, your eyebrow type is the most common, almost 50% of our respondents belong to it.

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Your eyebrows are characterized by their fine structure. They need care and a styling that is not too aggressive. Therefore, a natural eyebrow lift with the VIVA MAIA Eyebrow Lamination Kit is just right for you!

Your eyebrow lamination result can look like this:

Eyebrow Lamination Result for fine eyebrows - eyebrow lifting at home

Your eyebrows look fuller and more voluminous after an eyebrow lamination. Gaps can simply be concealed.
Another tip: tint your eyebrows right after your eyebrow lamination.

Why are your eyebrows so important?
You know how important a good haircut is. It's the same with your eyebrows. Looking younger or more awake is no longer a problem thanks to the right eyebrow shape. Learn more about:

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