Mexican Skincare

Natural, Mexican cleansing and skin care. Perfectly tailored to your skin type and effective. From facial soaps to toners and serums. Viva Maia is the first Mexican Skincare brand in Europe. We rely on 100% natural, Mexican active ingredients. M-Beauty products based on indigenous herbal medicine. Discover now!


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M-Beauty must-haves for dry skinM-Beauty must-haves for dry skin
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Self-Care Set Skin BalanceSelf-Care Set Skin Balance
Self-Care Set Skin Balance
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Essentials for combination skinEssentials for combination skin
Mexican Beauty SecretsMexican Beauty Secrets
Mexican Beauty Secrets
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5 Step Balance Routine5 Step Balance Routine
5 Step Balance Routine
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Essentials for dry skinEssentials for dry skin
Essentials for dry skin
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Tepezcohuite Intense CureTepezcohuite Intense Cure
Tepezcohuite Intense Cure
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M-Beauty must-haves for normal skinM-Beauty must-haves for normal skin
M-Beauty must-haves for oily skinM-Beauty must-haves for oily skin
Cleansing for pregnant womenCleansing for pregnant women
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Self Care Duo - Glow InfusionSelf Care Duo - Glow Infusion
Self Care Duo - Glow Infusion
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Selfcare Set Skin HarmonySelfcare Set Skin Harmony
Selfcare Set Skin Harmony
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Essentials for oily skinEssentials for oily skin
Essentials for oily skin
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Essentials for normal skinEssentials for normal skin
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Self-Care Set - Mexican BestsellerSelf-Care Set - Mexican Bestseller
Self-Care Set - Mexican Bestseller
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Self-care cleansing trioSelf-care cleansing trio
Self-care cleansing trio
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